Anatol Bologan is an expert in interactive design, visual communication and interdisciplinary art. Bologan extends his art practice through collaborations with scientific and engineering labs to source imagery and data for his most recent art project “What is the Human?”. His primary areas of visual research interest are traditional and digital forms of art, communication media and design. In his paintings and sculptures, he deconstructs the human anatomy into layers of scientifically derived imagery of the human body such as fMRI, CTI scans, X-rays, technology blueprints, algorithms, and juxtaposes them to artistic rendition of the human form, representation of thought and imagination. 

Bologan’s most recent work has been shown at international conferences and exhibitions including SxSW, Creativity and Cognition, ISEA and iDMAa 2017. At both ISEA and iDMAa he presented a juried “Artist Talks” and participated in the group exhibitions. Throughout his industry career, prior to joining the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M University, he worked on large-scale international projects for clients such as Intel, HP, Microsoft, Sony, Universal, Disney and others. He brings his industry experience into the classroom to engage students with interdisciplinary real-world projects focused on Data Visualization, UI/UX where art and design is an integral component of the research. 

For more details pease read his more detailed artist statement or review my resume.